Friday, October 5, 2012

Was she really behind me?

I left my friends in anger. And just walked around the road. Dono when Road ended and I was in middle of the jungle.

And felt my friends are coming behind to take me back. I was able to hear the footsteps. They were walking with me.

Then I thought I am in noware, even if they search me they will go to Bus Stand, Railway Station or Air Port, why they will come this side of Jungle.

I read an News in the News Paper (generally I don't read news paper, but today morning there was nothing else to do) that a tigress has ran away from zoo.

Could it be her. She will be not be hungry, as she definitely has hunted something since yesterday and she will be full (this I saw on NGV, tigers eat once in 3 days).

So why is she walking behind me, if I turn around she will be scared. And either she will attack me or run away.

Secure for me, if some guy tries to rob me, she will attack her.

So we were walking.

Then I realized, I never saw it. So I tested her. I stopped, she did it too. I took my 1 leg in air and tested is she also get miss-balanced. She did.

Then Heard some roaring of some tigers, fighting over food. I started walking towards them, I dono why.

When I reached there, I saw 4 tigers. And they stepped back. And after that I found a bus on the road.

While in the bus, I saw those 4 tigers and a tigress, who is looking at me with 1 eye (and all other are looking at sky).......

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