Friday, October 5, 2012

I always wanted to be God :)

God. Does, when you need?
When you think?
When you don't expect?
When, was not needed? (I could have done it on my own)
Why they call me lucky? (He is with everybody, not only my friend. But was ... with the people, on the belief, when you ask ...)

I want to be God:

Be there when you least expected!
When you needed the most #@#$%&;
For, To, Be, One, Always, There, For ............. YOU

I have to call and expect you to say "LETS' MEET OVER WEEKEND", and I was the one always got busy, or something.
Think twice, because I have to pay from my pocket. I think twice to spend on me. I never thought, when it was you.

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