Friday, September 28, 2012

What was that song!

To concentrate at work generally I listen to a single song repeatedly. And I never remember which song I am listening to.

But I remember this Japanesees song which by mistake I was listening. My boss tapped on my shoulder, "I am calling you from past 10 minutes, where are you, what are you doing at work time. There is so much of work and what you doing, show me what are you doing, Oooooooooo listing songs. Which song!"

He took my headsets, put it on. Tried to remove his headset then continues listening and scratched his beard. Song ended, and started again, he still did not removed the headset. He listened the song for 30 minutes. Then took headsets off, and instead of giving it in my hand, he dropped on desk. And very politely "Please Work".

Two weeks after, he call me in his cabin and said "Tokyo Japan, Monday 5:30".

Sir But I dono, Japanese?
But that day you were listening to songs.
Even you heard it for 30 minutes, why don't you go.
What was that song!
I don't know?
What do you mean you don't know
It was just a random I exchanged with the local driver in Nepal.
We have invested and expected a lot from you now, there is no other option.
I will Resign.
You will not, you love challenges I know you know what is expected.

Now its 5 years I am stuck here.
I lost that phone and the song, I still think What was that song!

My Sister will not find this interesting, but she will be smiling. He wrote the entire page and he made no spelling mistakes.

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