Wednesday, September 19, 2012

God's Vs. My Humor!

My First wish to God:
I was in Class 9th, fallen in love a girl dead opposite to my study room. So deep in love with her that I can do anything to see her entire day.

So I wished God, "God, please do something and let me see her entire day".
 I got failed in my final exams, am dad grounded me: "You will not go outside the house, you will sit in your study room and study entire day". And the girl got some disease, and doctor suggested to her to sit in the sunlight for some days. And for the entire month, she was on the roof of her house and I was watching her from my room.

My Second Wish to God:
I was in Class 12th, and fallen in love again (:D Teenage), she was my classmate. And I was behind her every-day and entire-day. Year passed away, and I was with her only. Final Exams dates were announced and I did not study, and you know when you don't study "you pray God", so I did: "God, please do anything and let me pass these exams this year"

And I passed, with all subjects 35, 35, 35, 35, 35 and 35 (in mid 90s that was the passing percentage).

From that day I decided, Not to ask anything from god. So I do it myself. An I built my nature like his's.

My First Grant:
There was this file which has made everybody's life in the team miserable for a long time,  then I worked (:D for the first time) the same evening a sat and ... and finished it ;)
Next day went office early (as usual to show off :P ). SCOOPs........ my boss already in office. He came to me, and made his wish: You will go home only if this is done.

 I opened my laptop, composed a mail, attached the file, sent, shut down my laptop and left the office

My Second Grant:
Like every-time, the team messed up with the project (Why should I take the entire blame on me).
My Ex-boss made his last wish (:D not like that, being my boss he made his last wish). "Finish this".

I deleted all. (And I had to resign :) )

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